Lance Cooper Front end developer

I'm Lance Cooper. A web developer working in Auckland, New Zealand. Passionate about web. This is a small selection of my recent work.

dnata logo

Invest Victoria

Completed November 2014

I created severeal interactive pieces for Invest Victoria. I had to relearn some pythagoras in the process.

  • Build custom designed line, pie and bar charts using d3
  • Heavy use of SVG and CSS3 animation
  • Ensured charts gracefully degraded to html tables
  • All chart data is dynamic, and the graphs respond to data changes
  • Built a video playing interface using the HTML5 video API. This can be seen on the main home page.

Please note: I only built the interactive charts and video playing interface, nothing else.

dnata logo

dnata Responsive Rebuild

Completed September 2014

dnata is one of the largest suppliers of combined air services in the world. They refreshed their existing site with a focus on performance and device compatibility.

  • Standardised common patterns and modules from an existing codebase
  • Worked closely with a designer and product manager to implement a responsive design
  • Improved performance, including reducing use of images, reducing http requests, and reducing file size
  • Introduced Grunt to automate common tasks such as minifying assets and generating sprites
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap, and extended and customised to be fit for purpose

HSBC logo

HSBC Trade Forecast Tool

Completed November 2013

HSBC launched a tool to visualise international trade. It uses the latest browser technology with an image fallback for older browsers.

  • Worked within an existing backbone.js architecture
  • Built a 'Wind Rose' graphic using d3.js. It uses dynamic data provided from an internal API, and adapts display appropriately
  • Built 'Trade Route' bar charts using responsive CSS techniques and underscore.js templates
  • Refactored, bug fixed and optimised display of the map graphic. Transitioned to lead developer for this part of the tool
  • Built the dynamic bar chart for the Trade Confidence Index in d3.js
  • Built as a single page web app using technology such as d3.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, heavy use of SVG, SASS, CSS3 and Ruby on Rails

Co-operative logo

The Co-operative Funeralcare

Completed September 2013

Launching a new website that connected Funeralcare homes across the country, this site needed to be modular and flexible to be integrated in all kinds of systems.

  • Took an existing architecture to develop further, taking on the role as lead developer
  • Prototyped in Ruby on Rails, with heavy use of SASS
  • Developed as flexible modules that can be placed anywhere in the grid system
  • Effective SASS architecture allowed site to be skinned in different themes easily
  • Released to a third party integration team in stages, with a strict git strategy to manage changes for each release
  • Built several interactive features, such as accordions with HTML5 history and image galleries

Lloyds TSB logo

Lloyds TSB public redesign

Completed December 2012

Lloyds launched a new public facing website. I was brought on near the end of the project to help ready it for launch.

  • Picked up the large project quickly
  • Efficiently fix bugs, in JavaScript and CSS (including IE7)
  • Implement several complex JavaScript modules
  • Work as a team to keep the project on schedule

Barclays logo

Barclays Mortgage Calculator

Completed June 2012

Barclays upgraded their mortgage calculator tool to be friendlier for users, and more flexible for the business to manage.

  • I was the sole developer, liasing with client and back end developers
  • Object orientated JavaScript using the module pattern
  • Built API to dynamically retrieve calculations at any time, e.g LTV, Loan Amount etc
  • Built API for caching form values, minimizing DOM lookup
  • Custom validation for contextual error messages
  • Attention to detail make this tool easy to use. For example auto comma insertion and updating calculations as you type